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2018 Recap Road Repairs ... Jan 2019

In 2018 we made great progress on improving drainage on our roads and completing long needed repairs as well as repairing storm damage from storms on July 11, and October 13th.  Both storms were major events.  The one in October was at least a 50-year event for Joshua Tree and it was widespread. In the past these storms would have caused widespread, significant damage, requiring the expenditure of substantial funds to make the road passable again. 


Although we did have to make repairs after the storms throughout the neighborhood, they were not as substantial in size or cost as in the past, due to the preventative work we previously accomplished through contracts and roadwork parties.  This made more funds available to accomplish long-term repairs and improvements such as filling in deep ruts, and placing low rolling dips (low mounds of dirt in the road) to slow runoff.  Slowing down runoff results in material being deposited, building the roadbeds back up with the help of nature. There are still areas we’ve identified where long-term repairs and preventative actions are needed, but the long-term outlook is positive.  We are making continued progress toward getting our roads into the best shape they’ve been in decades.


Highlights for the year include diversions on Rockhaven, funded in part by both residents of that area and the Association, and addressing long standing drainage issues on Uphill, Desert Shadows, Single Tree and elsewhere as well as removal of some of the accumulated sand on Uphill and Single Tree.  The improvements on Rockhaven, in particular, were a big accomplishment.  Two areas where regular wash outs occurred, did not require any post storm maintenance this year.  


We were also able to buy, stockpile, and utilize far more high quality (compactible) dirt than we normally would thanks to our contractor, Sean Molina, finding an inexpensive source from the Yucca Valley sewer pipe contractors. 


The sign program was somewhat dormant in 2018, although we were able to get signs up at entrances along Quail Springs, alerting the public that our roads are private and require permission to use.  Look for more activity in 2019.


We did not have a road work party in 2019, but we plan to schedule one or more this year. We have some fun projects in mind.  We hope you will join us!  


All in all, it was a good year, and we look forward to making more improvements in the months and years to come.

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