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Road Work

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photos courtesy Geary Hund May 2024

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Road Maintenance ... tentatively scheduled for April/May 2024

Geary Hund will assess the roads with Sean Molina (roads contractor) on March 22

1. Rockhaven

  • Check and repair rolling dips as needed in the north end of Rockhaven.

  • Fill in any potholes between Single Tree and Quail Springs Road.

  • Fill in erosion gully at southwest corner of intersection.

  • Check and maintain rolling dips upper Rockhaven as needed.


2. Roadrunner, Old Vine, Doggie Trail, Wagon Wheel - TBD


3. Intersection of Old Vine Road and Single Tree Road, Coyote Road & Rapallo Road

  • Fill in erosion area at intersection & add dirt to prevent water from re-creating it.

  • Remove concrete at northwest corner of Single Tree and Old Vine Roads, replace with native rock – give separate estimate for this

  • Fill in erosion encroaching onto west side of Coyote about midway along road.

  • Fill in erosion encroaching onto the side of Rapallo Road on the north side.


4. Single Tree Road

  • On south side just past intersection with Coyote/Old Vine, place fill in the middle of road where drainage gully has begun to form (1 load of dirt total).

  • On the north side of the road, even out the downstream side of the rolling dip just west of Old Vine, taper downstream side.

  • Add dirt to sides of rolling dips west of Coyote.


5. Uphill Road

  • Fill in rut at intersection with Quail Springs Road

  • Fill in erosion on north side of road at wash crossing near Quail Springs Road

  • Scrape of loose soil and fill in potholes above rolling dip that crosses the wash. Use best, most compactable material.

  • Add rock to swale in rolling dip below Rocking Chair Road and extend on west side; raise dip about 4 inches, fill in erosion on west side.

  • Fill in rut at intersection with Rocking Chair Road

  • Fill in rut in center of rolling dip above Rocking Chair Road


6. Desert Shadows

  • Fill in rut at intersection with Quail Springs Road

  • Fill in rut in middle of road from near Quail Springs Road north about 100 yards.

  • Fill in rut where wash crosses road about 200 yards north of Quail Springs Road.


7. Turtle Road

  • Fill in potholes from Quail Springs Road to Adobe House

  • Add fill as needed at locations where we are directing drainage to side of road.

  • Fill in rut near the top, east end of Turtle just below where island ends.


8. Tortuga

Check wash crossing(s) and fill in rut(s) if needed.

Road Maintenance ... scheduled for Mid-May 2023

The MMNA road maintenance contractor will be doing extensive work throughout Monument Manor, starting in mid-May.  This work is part of our comprehensive plan to address road maintenance needs.  Please take care to drive slowly, make sure you’re seen when you encounter the equipment, yield to it if necessary, and give the contractor (Sean Molina) a wave when you go by!  Thanks to everyone who has made this work possible through their generous contributions!

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