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Who we are ...

2024-2025 Current Board Members

President: Terry Stone

Vice president: Daniel Brenner

Treasurer: Dan Stork

Secretary: Linda Doyle

Roads chair: Geary Hund

At-Large:  Bill Gilman

General Meeting was held in-person & virtual on March 16, 2024

2024 contributions are due! 
Become a Member, your contribution will go a long way:

Click here to complete the online Membership Form

OR download the PDF Membership Form

Mail your check to:    

Monument Manor Neighborhood Association

PO Box 892

Joshua Tree, CA  92252

Note:  you can also sign-up with your bank for auto-pay and have your contribution sent directly to us, and save a stamp and envelope.  Check with your bank on how to set it up.

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2023-2024 Board Members
President  Terry Stone
Vice President
— Daniel Brenner

Treasurer — Dan Stork

Secretary — Linda Doyle

Roads Director — Geary Hund
At-Large Board Member 
  Bill Gilman

2022-2023 Board Members
President  Mark Wheeler
Vice President
— Terry Stone

Treasurer — Dan Stork

Secretary — Linda Doyle

Roads Director — Geary Hund
At-Large Board Member, JTNP Liaison 
— Daniel Brenner

2021-2022 Board members

President — Bill Gilman
Vacant - Vice-President  (thank you Ron Bastrup for all your years of service to the Manor.)
Treasurer — Dan Stork
Secretary — Linda Doyle
Road Chair  Geary Hund

At-Large Board Member, JTNP Liaison — Daniel Brenner

2024 General Meeting March 16,2024 @ Furstwurld (in-person and Zoom)
2023 General Meeting March 18, 2023  @ Furstwurld (in-person and Zoom)

2022 General Meeting March 19, 2022 @ Furstwurld
2021 General Meeting ... March 13, 2021 (zoom)
2020 Annual Meeting May 9, 2020 
@ Furstwurld (virtual via Zoom)
2019 Annual Meeting March 16, 2019 
@ Furstwurld

2018 Annual Meeting March 24, 2018 @ Furstwurld

2017 Annual Meeting March 11, 2017 @ Furstwurld

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