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Photos courtesy Dan Stork & Linda Doyle

Video courtesy Dan Stork with Bobby Furst

2022 Sign Installation Recap ...  April 30, 2022

We had another successful work party to install replacement and new speed limit signs on April 30, 2022.

Participants were Daniel Brenner, Mark Walsh, Terry Stone, Fabian Sr., Geary Hund, Fabian Jr., Paul LaCroix, Linda Doyle, Dan Stork, Bob Kaplan and Bobby Furst.

Photos courtesy Geary Hund, Linda Doyle, Bob Kaplan

2022 Sign Installation Recap ...  April 12, 2022

We had a very successful work party to install signs on April 12, 2022.  We installed 10 signs on Rockhaven, Single Tree, Old Vine, Wagon Wheel, and Doggie Trail.


Participants were Chris Crow, Mark Wheeler, Daniel Brenner, Linda Doyle, Bob Kaplan, Rick Booth, Misa Giesey, Geary Hund, and Drake & Ranger (canine crew).

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