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Rock Haven Rd mailboxes 2024.jpeg


In Monument Manor neighbors take care of one another and take shared responsibility to get things done.  Bill Gilman, MMNA At-Large Board Member recalls that Monument Manor “was originally founded to create mutual aid between neighbors.” 


This mutual aid was seen in action recently when someone went off the road a few weeks ago and smashed through a collection of mail boxes along Quail Springs Rd and Rock Haven Rd. No one knows who did it or why.


Not waiting for answers, neighbors immediately organized and pooled resources to start rebuilding the mailboxes.  Carrie Dagher (Rock Haven Rd) reported the incident to both California Highway Patrol & San Bernardino County Sheriff the next morning (both of which came out and filed reports.) After reporting the incident to the post office, neighbors began checking to see who had any materials available to return the boxes to service.  Terry and Roberta Frederick (Rock Haven Rd) contributed most all of the steel for the replacement supports and painted them, as well. Deann Favre (Roadrunner Ln) donated smaller hardware. Chris Crow (Rock Haven Rd) had steel stock, hardware and 4x4 boards for the new horizontal base. He did the cutting, welding and assembly of the new section.  Chris Crow also picked up additional screws, bolts and ready mix which was paid for with a contribution from Frank Paul (Rincon Rd).  Another neighbor, Paul Turecki (Rock Haven Rd) came up with another 4x4 post & scaffolding and did most of the installation, including all the cement work. MMNA Vice President Daniel Brenner (Rocking Chair Rd) helped with additional assembly. Sean Molina (Rainbow Ridge Rd) provided new fill dirt to level out the surface below the boxes.  It looks like there are a few mailboxes still leaning over.  Please reach out if you would like to relocate your mailbox to the new frame.


As shown in the photo above the new mailboxes are in place and mail is being delivered once again.  Well done neighbors!!!

This mutual aid reminds us that in this community it starts with neighbors taking shared responsibility of those things that make this neighborhood a wonderful place to live (e.g., taking care of and financially supporting efforts to maintain our dirt roads, protecting the wildlife and desert plants, and lending a hand to a neighbor in need.)   


Everyone works together for the common good, starting and ending with the understanding that neighbors respect and take care of one another and our community because it’s just what good neighbors do.

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