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Several neighbors have reported finding dead jackrabbits and cottontails in the Manor and surrounding neighborhoods.  At least one jackrabbit tested positive for Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease in the Manor.  According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, this disease is highly contagious and lethal to wild and domestic rabbits, and infected rabbits may exhibit no symptoms leading up to their sudden death or suffering.


REPORT POTENTIAL DISEASED RABBITS:  The California Department of Fish and Wildlife is no longer seeking samples of dead rabbits, but they are interested in tracking reports of potential diseased rabbits.  Please report using the online mortality report ( or for those lacking internet access by calling (916) 358-2790.  To help them understand the spread of this disease in our community, do not report rabbits run over by vehicles, unless you suspect the rabbit was infected with the disease.

HOW TO PROPERLY DISPOSE OF DISEASED RABBITS:  The California Department of Fish and Wildlife recommends that you remove the dead rabbit by double-bagging the carcasses in heavy-duty contractor trash bags, spraying the outer bag with 10% household bleach solution, and disposing of the dead rabbit in the regular trash or as a second option burying it at least 3 feet but without the plastic bags.  Do not touch the animal and bleach your tools and shoes and area where the rabbit was found. Take steps so that you and your pets and predators don’t spread this deadly disease. 


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