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Road work volunteers: Linda Doyle, Terrysa Guerra, Geary Hund (Roads Chair), Bob Kaplan, Mike Michelon, Eva Montville, Jack Perrodin, Kevin Powell, Dan Stork, Don Tull, Mark Wheeler, Aret Zelli.  Contractor: Sean Molina

Road Work Party ... Dec 2017

On December 9th, Monument Manor neighbors once again pitched in to make repairs to the road system.  They completed two projects, placing sandbags in a badly eroded section of Single Tree and cleaning out and repairing water retention basins adjacent to Old Vine.  The sand bags were placed below grade and covered with fill dirt by a tractor operated by Sean Molina.  They will lessen the amount of runoff in the event a future storm strips off the top layer of soil, saving the association by reducing repair costs.  The retention basins did their job during the last monsoon, holding back water and sediment from the road to reduce erosion until, by design, they reached capacity and water spilled over the top of the berm at sandbag reinforced sites.  The road party cleaned the sediment out of the basins and repaired the sandbag spillways.  Thank you to everyone for your participation.  As always, it was a fun event which brought Manor neighbors together, helped protect our roads, and saved the association money. 


On another note.  Road damage from the recent winter storm which dropped about an inch of rain was minimal, in part thanks to the preventative maintenance we've been able to do as a result of membership contributions.  Thank you members!  

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