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In order to assist mail carriers during the changeover of mailing addresses from HC box numbers to physical addresses which has been mandated by the US Postal Service, and to assure that you don't miss any mail, we suggest that you do the following:


1.  Print your physical address clearly on a sticky label, and affix it to the inside of your HC mailbox.  Put it next to the label with the HC box number, so that both will be visible to the carrier.   


2.  If you have not already done so, inform the USPS of your HC box number and physical address.  Ask the post office for the proper form, if you don't have it. 


3.  Start informing people and organizations that send you mail to start using the physical address.  Where possible, direct those parties to use BOTH forms of the address (HC box and physical address), perhaps in a 2-line address.

4.  If you have further questions, write a note for the carrier and leave it in your mailbox.

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