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The Monument Manor Neighborhood Association has received reports of instances of mail being stolen out of unlocked mailboxes on Quail Springs Rd. in Monument Manor. If you see anything indicating mail theft, please call the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department at (760) 366-4175.

To better protect yourself:
Do not let your mail pile up in your mailboxes.
Stop postal delivery if you plan to be out of town.
Always take your out-going mail to the Joshua Tree Post Office.
Set-up system where monthly checks are sent electronically straight to your bank.
Be aware.

If you do not have a secure, lockable mailbox, consider upgrading to one, or consider renting a box at the Joshua Tree post office.

There are currently NO available security mailboxes managed by MMNA located at Uphill Rd.  Additional funds would need to be raised in order to purchase and install another bank of security mailboxes.

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