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The storm in October was devastating to many parts of Joshua Tree.  Thanks to the preventative work we've been doing our neighborhood fared pretty well.  We were able to make the roads passable with a relatively modest outlay of $1,500.  However, necessary near-term repairs threaten to deplete the MMNA’s reserves before the oft-rainy winter months.  More repairs are needed to address the storm damage, including filling in some large ruts and removing build ups of soft sand. 

In the wake of the recent storm, we have received offers from several Monument Manor neighbors to give additional donations to the neighborhood association road fund to pay for these needed repairs. If you would like to contribute additional funds this year to help us complete this work, we would greatly appreciate it.  Please print this form and send along with your contribution to:   Monument Manor Neighborhood Association, PO Box 892, Joshua Tree, CA 92252.

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